Lets talk about anxiety… (dealing with anxiety at university/college)

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today I talk about anxiety and dealing with it at university or college

Social anxiety affects many people and I had to deal with it head on again today, beautifully timed alongside my first social event/trip with my new classmates for the next 3 years!

for crying out, thanks anxiety

like I didn’t stand out like an odd ball already

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The Latter is very unlikely to be honest.

How’s it going guys, i’m callum withall. I am a daily vlogger and call of duty youtuber, i am currently studying media production at the University of South Wales[USW]
I come from Surrey, UK am 19 years old and i am just a small time youtuber that loves smashing the hours of work to bring you content.

I am still admittedly on a learning curve, a massive one albeit true, i aspire to do this full time one day, but for now i’m enjoying it as a hobby and a way for me to truly be myself and express it, whilst trying to stand out rather than fit in.

Everyone has a story, a reason to live and a passion to burn. Content Creating is mine.

I have a motto, “No One Fights Alone” this simply means that we are all in it together, and even when we feel alone. Which i have and do feel a lot, it’s not true and somewhere there is someone. We are never truly alone on this world.

7+Billion people on this planet, and i’m trying to stand out from the crowd and norms rather than “fitting in”

Hopefully, you will follow me on this journey and we all grow together. See you tomorrow with another video!

Be Different
Be Unique
Be You

Defy rules and stand out! It’s the least you deserve, right?

I’m just Callum Withall at the end of the day and I only get to be him once.