Maid of Honor Speech Anxiety 4 Ways To Control It

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Public speaking anxiety can grip anyone when they hear they calls of Speech, Speech. Others may be given notice in advance of a presentation they have to make before a group. Again, fear can almost overwhelm many an individual.This article presents for ways to control public speaking anxiety and alleviate the problem:1. Thorough PreparationKill audience fear with one powerful weapon – very thorough preparation. Don’t take shortcuts.Spend time digging and researching your subject until you head is buzzing with interesting information. If you believe you really have something worth saying your audience will sense it. Then practice and practice your delivery until you can speak without hesitation. Now, when you stand up in front of your audience, do you think you are going to be shaking like a leaf? Unlikely!2. BreathingControl nervousness by taking deep breaths to relax the body. Concentrate on your message and the things you have prepared to present to your audience rather than on your nervousness.Monitor your own self-talk. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, repeating things like I am so nervous delete the thought immediately.