Mind of an Editor #1 | How Halo Changed Me

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

I don’t know how I should feel about starting Mind of an Editor. It’s obviously something I’m uncomfortable with because it’s not a Halo edit or montage. I know I sound monotone. I get anxiety from any form of public speaking. Gathering the willpower to not only record this but upload it for the internet to see was very hard for me. Don’t expect these commentaries to come out often. Don’t expect this to replace my edits either. This is just extra content.

I used multiple songs from The Aurora Principle in this video, and I intend on continuing to do so for this series because I think it’s a perfect fit. I encourage you to listen to the entire album along with all his other songs if ambient music interests you.

The Aurora Principle – Things Unseen (Album)

Please comment anything regarding Mind of an Editor. I want this series to evolve based on viewer feedback. Too long? Too short? Want a sneak peek of an edit every episode? Don’t care about the gameplay and prefer just hearing me talk? Don’t care about me or this series and just want to see my edits? Let me know.

I’ll try to avoid depressing subjects.
More Halo edits/montages/machinitages/whatever coming soon.

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