MLM prospecting tips to recruit more reps and make more sales

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MLM Prospecting Techniques

One of the biggest issues that network marketers face when speaking with prospects is the fear of asking for the phone number. After the initial conversation, most people will just leave their business card and hope for that prospect to call.

Instead of doing this, a simple MLM prospecting technique is to ask the prospect for their number instead. However, most marketers feel anxious in asking for that information because they feel it projects them as a “salesperson” and that’s where the problem usually arises with prospecting.

So what’s the art of prospecting in network marketing so you don’t come across as just another salesperson?

MLM Prospecting Techniques
if you have a mental block that you perceive yourself like a salesman then stop dressing like a salesperson. It’s just a matter of shifting things, and you can do that by simply ditching the company flare and converse like normal people until you peep their interest.

Success with MLM prospecting is based upon asking yourself questions like, “Why do you want their number?” “Why do you need to set an appointment with them?” “What presentation are you going to show them?” Knowing the answer to these questions will give you a strong posture because you know exactly how your opportunity can benefit them.

The Keys to Success with MLM Prospecting

If you want to know how to talk to network marketing prospects effectively, then have total faith in what you do and the opportunity you are offering. Secondly, speak with passion. Be excited. There’s no finer art of prospecting then to make it absolutely clear to your prospect that you have something that can benefit their life in a big way.

If you simply give away your card and hope for the best, you really have no idea of the opportunity you’ve just missed. That prospect will likely think that you might have something good to offer but they will have anxiety over contacting you.

MLM Prospecting Success
So a key MLM prospecting technique is for you to take the lead. Otherwise, there’s a chance they might seek out other people who have greater beliefs than you do and will consider that opportunity instead.

Cesar’s ideas for inviting network marketing prospects to learn more about your opportunity is to make yourself look like an instrument of change. Provide an impact on their lives and make them glad that they’ve actually met you.

The moment you meet a prospect you should exchange numbers with them, be in touch, grab a cup of coffee and as soon as you get to know each other better then that’s when you slowly show what you have to offer. This certainly won’t give you an appearance that you’re a salesperson, but actually someone who is willing to lend a hand.

The point is, if you’re embarrassed in what you do, and you don’t have that belief that you have the potential to help someone, then it’s certain that blockages are bound to happen and you will have a hard time talking to MLM prospects. Show that you are an instrument of change and they will eventually share that belief with you.

The Art of Prospecting in Network Marketing

Art of Network Marketing ProspectingCesar states; “Get a firm hold of what you actually have to offer (and with passion) know that you’re not necessarily a sales person, although we’re all sales people.” If you really indulge on the thought of his advice, you will see its effectiveness and you will gain the trust of your prospect.

Cesar presented a scenario in which sales skills are used in everyday life…

Here is the scenario:

“If you’ve got medicine and your child is sick, do you let them sell you on not drinking it because it tastes bad? Or do you make them take that medicine because it’s good for them?”

This is a good perspective to be aware of when developing your MLM Prospecting technique. However, you should still remember the important thing is not going being too pushy on the first meeting, but get to know your prospect first.