Modern Communication – Mru Patel

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

I’m Mru Patel, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Life Coach, and I want to help teach you how to Present and Communicate your ideas for Maximum Impact.

Presenting and Communicating are extremely vital skills to master so that you can improve your individual success, business success, time management, stress levels, leadership skills and your public reputation/image.
If you’ve ever had an interview, presented a power point, or even held a best man’s speech, then the chances are you wish you could have gone back and done something different. By not being prepared to Present or Communicate to your Maximum Potential you are sabotaging your chances of success.
Here are some of the Top Reasons Presentation is harming your Success;
The preparation was insufficient
The type of audience was not anticipated
There was no strategy/direction within the presentation
The introduction did not grasp the attention of the audience
The presentation was too technical and overly complicated
The anxiety and fear was noticeable off the presenter
The presenter could not tackle all of the questions given
There were no visual aids or additional multi media
The speaker was not convincing enough / or too boring
The speaker’s voice/body posture/attitude was off-putting

I can provide you with the secrets I’ve learnt across all the industries I’ve worked in. I’ve specifically had 30+ years of experience with Public Speaking , Press, Investing Pitches, Team Building and Management and Presentations.

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Do these ring a bell with you?
Would you rather stay in the shadows and never make a lasting impression?
Do you want to become the enthusiastic outgoing person you desire to be?
Does the thought of speaking to a group fill you with fear and anxiety?
Have you lost out on a deal or job because of your presentation?
Do you need an impact with successful results in interviews and speeches?
Have you ever seen excellent ideas get rejected because of a poor presentation?
Is putting together a presentation a nightmare?