My HIV/AIDS Story – My 16 HIV Symptoms

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I’m so happy to be here on YouTube to help people understand what HIV is today, it’s not like it was in the 80s/90s. SO much has changed for the better and most are super surprised to hear this information. For example:

1. AIDS is reversible!
2. We can have unprotected sex and NOT pass it on to our HIV- partners when we are undetectable (if you are taking meds, you become undetectable quickly)
3. We can have HIV- babies when we are HIV+….easily!!
4. Medication is available and free to low cost in most parts of the world…AND..
5. The medication is so much better today, the side effects are typically very minimal.

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Described are 16 symptoms that I experienced from the time that I contracted HIV (summer of 2013) till my diagnosis on 2/15/16 two and half years later.

Please understand that HIV symptoms are very similar to flu symptoms, other gastrointestinal issues, UTI related issues and more.
If you have some of these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have HIV!! People worry unnecessarily, typically those who have had low risk exposures and they are certain they contracted the virus. There is a lot of unnecessary anxiety related to the fear of HIV. You should TEST if you are concerned.

Please watch my other videos about my HIV/AIDS story for more information about what I went through and who I am.

My HIV/AIDS Story:

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