On the CURE for rope worm (anxiety, panic, depression…) Quick summary of my story.

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Tenth month on twelve to eighteen month cure. Healing myself of parasites and, subsequently, of anxiety, depression, etc. So far it is working!

Transcript (summary) of video:

“This is Joan Hileman….. summary of my journey of the last three and a half years and how I am healing myself of a parasite called rope worm … using chlorine dioxide and the Kalcker Parasite Protocol found in this book (Healing the Symptoms knows as Autism–free book–see link below) Children with autism have the same parasites I have and this is working for me as well.

So, quickly, my journey has been: Health issues started years ago with a round of antibiotics: head fog, migraines, food intolerances… Three and a half years ago I went through something traumatic and got really sick.

At my worst I experienced: rapid weight loss, uncontrollable crying, panic/fight or flight, deep depression, pacing, rocking, screaming, massive head fog, complete exhaustion, sleep problems, facial numbness, dizzyness, ticks/twitches, torturous thoughts, feeling and looking insane, difficulty with reading and simple math (or learning new things), huge holes in my memory, and could only eat a few things. I also had some self-injurious behaviors.

Doctors no help. Blood and stool tests came back “normal”
“Here, have some antidepressants.”

Took them, also took anti anxiety meds. Spent my days pacing, crying, finding distractions, getting through minute by minute, wanting to die every time another attack came. (hundreds of times I wanted to be dead.) Constantly walking a tightrope between appearing normal and losing my mind. Family almost destroyed over and over. Did the GAPS diet and coffee enemas for months.

Finally discovered the root of all my problems. Parasites. Big ones.
(after two years of being sick)

Researched and, for a year, tried: eucalyptus enemas, lemon juice enemas, papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds, multiple parasite killing supplements, spicy everything, zapping, ozone treatments, lots of hydrogen peroxide, Humaworm, turpentine, enough diatomaceous earth to choke an elephant, seven or eight 3-day cleanses, three water-only fasts: two for twelve days, one for sixteen. Felt FAR better not eating.

Still very sick.
Losing hope.
Then I felt led to read my journals on You Tube.
No idea why, but desperate enough to do anything.
Weeks later, because of these videos, a total stranger in Canada reached out to me. He knew the cure.

Ten months now doing CD/MMS and the Kalcker Parasite Protocol,
I am getting my life back. I am getting my health, my energy, my brain, my sanity, getting them back. And my joy and my peace.

I am healing myself of this parasite called rope worm.”

(My journey on this protocol is documented in videos called “32 True Journals” starting from video number 62.

God bless you all! See below for the link to the book.