Overcome Doubt – How to get ready when you are “not ready”

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Overcome Doubt – How to get ready when you are “not ready”

Feeling “not ready”? What fears do you have about getting started? It’s great to be very clear on what this fear is because when it is evasive, it has more power. This is how to overcome doubt. Say it out loud. Write it down. Know it well. That’s how you begin to get your power back.

Start. Just start with something tiny. One step. This step will give you encouragement, energy, and perhaps confidence for the next step.

Remember – that step doesn’t have to be perfect. It is better that it happens, than if it is perfect.

Let it go and take that step!

Have compassion for yourself through the process. Give yourself loads of kudos. Kudos give you energy! Celebrate small successes. You deserve it!

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