Overcome Fear and be Confident; Motivational video 2017 by Kartik Shah

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How to come out of all the fear?
This is the basic question of life, every one has in the mind.
In this most inspirational video we are sharing the ‘How to overcome all kind of fear’ Very easy to understand and easy to practice.

First is Fear of losing someone or something from life.
In this motivational video in Hindi we have discussed ‘How to be mentally strong!’
Second is’ Fear of Financial lose and stability in life.’ This fear creates lot of stress in the mind and makes you weak.
In this Hindi video we have shared ‘How to be mentally stabled and stress free.
Fear connected with all financial matter takes away your confidence to go for new ventures in professional life.
Third is Fear of unknown. This fear is about your future, You just don’t what can happen in next moment! every step of life is uncertain and that is the beauty of life! isn’t it!
Here in this inspirational video of life, we have shared ‘How to be happy even in the unfavourable situations!’
Fourth is ‘What people are thinking about me!’
Fear of being judged.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of failure.
Fear connected with your image.
These are basic fears we are facing and being victim of them.
If you want to be successful in life you need to understand what is fear!
In this video we have shared ‘the basic tips of how to come out of fears!’
Fear is nothing but it is lack of self confidence. it is negative state of mind.
Here in this Hindi video we have shared ‘how to be confident!’
The biggest fear in life is ‘Fear of death’
Everybody knows one day my life will be over! everything will be finished, Death is inevitable thing in life still it is difficult to accept and that’s create stress and anxiety and the mind.
In this video we have shared ‘How to overcome fear of Death.’
How to overcome fear of failure.
How to overcome Fear of losing love.
How to overcome fear of rejection.
How to be more confident.
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