Overcome fear & anxiety of mistake – Hindi – By Kartik Shah; Motivational videos

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Overcome your fear of doing small mistake!

You want to get certain result out of your actions but the question is are you really getting what you want!!.. Do you know what happens to your mind? Most of the time your actions are not pure but it is contaminated with FEAR.
Yes, fear of doing mistake.
You are doing something in one direction but at the same time your feelings and emotions are flowing in opposite direction and that creates unfavourable vibrations in our mind.
If you really want to be successful then give yourself freedom to do mistake! Don’t worry you will be able to handle the situations even after doing mistake.
Ask yourself why you are you so fearful?
this question will open up many facts of your life.
Second harmful pattern of human mind is feeling inferior or small when you don’t know certain basic things! If you feel small about not knowing English language or a computer then with this feelings you can’t cope up. If you want to win the situations first of all you need to come out of your inferiority complex..
This video will surely open up new directions & a new way to think positive.

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