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STOP Fear of Flying – be relaxed during the whole flight – never worry about turbulence or storms ever again. Experience relaxed and calm flying with no fear of flying thoughts or feelings again. This recording has been created specifically to help you relax and overcome any fear of flying including turbulence. Turbulence is relatively common and is essentially like a speed bump in the sky. It is caused by things such as change in air pressure – wind, thunderstorms, proximity to mountains. It’s like a pothole in the road or driving your car over speed bump. It’s temporary and will pass.

Fly comfortably even through turbulence, maintaining your relaxed and calm state. Be guided by this self hypnosis download to settle back into your seat of relaxation aboard the flight. Wouldn’t you like to board every flight knowing that you will relax deeply down into your seat, leaving worries behind and relax for the whole flight. Put an end to your fear of flying phobia and try this self hypnosis fear of flying program.

This guided relaxation for flying is designed to send even the most anxious traveller into a deep relaxation. The self-guided relaxation download has been written to allow you to remove your fears around flying and create a relaxed state so you can fly calmly and confidently.

We recommend you listen to this download regularly before flying, ideally up to a month prior. You can even listen to it on the plane. Next time you travel make it a relaxing experience!


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