Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety with Transform Stage Fright. elibraryWI

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Public speaking and performance is one of the top most common fears. Stage fright can negatively impact your career and your self-esteem. It’s natural to be apprehensive of a public performance and having everyone’s eyes upon you triggers your fight-or-flight response.

But just as you can learn to associate a thrilling roller-coaster ride or any adrenaline-boosting activity with fun and enjoyment; you can learn to transform your anxiety into anticipation and your fear into excitement when it comes to public speaking or a public performance.

“Transform Stage Fright” [http://designlifecoach.com/conquer-phobia/] by Design Life Coach.com can help you get out of your head and act from the heart. You can learn to connect with others rather than fear them. You can harness your adrenaline to inspire your performance rather than hurt it. The skills and exercises in this workbook will help you to become an impassioned and confident performer.

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