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Imagine this; it’s the morning of the works Christmas party, you call in sick …….. you call in sick because just the thought of standing around talking socially with people that you work normally with every day …. makes you feel physically sick.

Now many people are shy; certainly most of us get nervous when faced with situations that take us out of our comfort zone such as giving a speech, or going for a job interview or even just meeting new people. All of these things are normal but when these anxieties affect you to such an extent that the fear of embarrassment prevents you from doing the normal things of life then this condition is known as social anxiety.

So what is social anxiety?
It is a recognised condition ….. and in brief it is an intense fear of being judged by others. If you suffer from social anxiety you may be exceptionally self-conscious and sensitive to being humiliated or embarrassed by doing something which will cause other people to judge you in a critical or mocking way….. and in order to prevent these situations occurring you are probably avoiding people and situations to such an extent that your life is virtually on hold.

Research indicates that at least 5% of the population suffers from social anxiety so you are certainly not alone. Social anxiety can affect us at any age but often starts in childhood or adolescence, it can affect our early social and academic development and may not be noticed until we are older and the effects by then have become deep rooted.

As an adult, social anxiety prevents us from seizing life’s opportunities in meeting people, building careers , developing relationships and having families. Sometimes the fear of speaking to others may even prevent us from seeking help from our doctors or other specialists. However, your life can be changed forever once you understand that what others think of you is only their perception and cannot hurt you unless you choose to allow it to do so. This programme can help you change your mind-set and patterns of behaviour. You will find yourself capable of speaking confidently and eloquently and enjoy meeting and speaking to others as an equal….. and it isn’t as hard as you think.