Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking and Reducing Public Speaking Anxiety

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

For more information, visit: http://vitalygeyman.com/overcoming-fear-of-public-speaking In this episode we look at how to overcome fear of public speaking and reducing public speaking anxiety. In particular we look at what happens in the first few seconds of meeting someone or presenting your speech.

Many experts tell us that by the time you make a handshake with someone who you just met for the first time a lot is already decided. Now this can be intimidating until you realize that it is also an opportunity to present yourself in the most confident manner.

But first we need to identify what are our fears around public speaking. These fees are typically unconscious and come from our past history.

Some of the typical fears about public speaking are:

– I will appear incompetent and will be shamed in public
– They will laugh me off the stage
– They will find out who I really am, a fake
– I will forget all I know and have a meltdown
– I will move ridiculed and a laughing stock of the whole town
– I will lose my job or my business will be blacklisted forever

Now it is totally understandable to have fears like that. I still remember how my friends at school were laughing at me when I stood in front of the class. But I am no longer eight years of age.

So we need to tell the truth, is it true that we will be shamed and ridiculed if we make a mistake in public? Well, maybe some people will not like us and many others will. And yes, there is still a possibility that our talk will not go well.

So the key is to prepare yourself, particularly for the first few moments of your introduction. The clear about your intent when you meet someone or you are doing a talk in front of a large group.

Have your introduction well rehearsed so you don’t fumble for words.

Another helpful tip to overcome fear of public speaking is to energetically ground yourself in your body. Breathe into your body through your nose as deep as possible. Feel the bottom of your feet. This will help you to stay grounded and focused on something productive, rather than the chatter that goes on in your mind. Breeding deeply is an excellent remedy for public speaking anxiety.

Finally, it really helps to have a coach to guide you through this process. Someone who have overcame their fears of speaking in public. They can feed back to you the unconscious patterns that you yourself simply do not see and give you more helpful tips along the way.

Also just having someone to support you in the early stages of your public speaking career can be so helpful.

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