Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety: How To Get Erect And Stay Erect (Alex Allman Interview)

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There are two times when men experience performance anxiety and suddenly realise they can’t get an erection.

1) When they’re pretty inexperienced and they’re with a hot woman. It’s so exciting, they start to worry: “Oh my God this could be leading to sex,” “Am I going to satisfy her?”, “Does she like me?” “Is sex gonna happen?”

In that case you don’t need an aphrodisiac, but you need to get out of your head. It’s fascinating how human psychology works sometimes.

2) Men who are in their late 30s or early 40s: they get erections more slowly. It just takes longer to get hard. And they go right down that little nervous dialogue “Am I going to get hard?” Maybe I can’t get hard. They totally lose the thread of the fact that they’re in this lovemaking session. They’re inside their head, instead of outside, in this beautiful lovemaking that could happen.

Medical footnote: if you have a really low libido and you can’t get an erection when you are alone masturbating and you’re not getting erections when you wake up in the morning you could have a medical condition, not a psychological condition and you have to see your doctor because it could be an indicator of a potentially serious issue with your circulatory system, easily resolved with medication.

But I assume this only happens when there’s another human in the room. If that’s the case then this video will be a treatment for erectile dysfunction for you.

So here’s a couple of tips that might help you out:

1. Talk about it. It’s really helpful if you feel like you’re not going to get an erection to get it out into the open so that you can stop cycling on your own shame. Do it with a bit of humour so that it’s not a big deal. And try not to treat her like mommy because that’s a real, real buzz kill for her.

And if that’s who you show up as, she has a pretty good reason to say “I broke up with that guy because he couldn’t get it up.” Was it really because you can get it up? No, it was because you made her feel terrible.

2) Don’t make her feel unattractive. Some guys do this: they get really douche and go “Yeah, it’s your fault, I don’t know why I can’t get it up, must be you.” She’s probably thinking that anyway. So, reassure her that you think she is beautiful, tell her that “It’s not a big deal, that it’s happened to you before and that regardless of what your penis is or isn’t going to the two of you are good have a great night.”

3) And then go ahead and start some hot love making without your penis. If the penis doesn’t want to show up, it doesn’t want to come to the party, fine, you can party without and then it will realise that you’re having so much fun over there that it’ll will maybe go.

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Now, there’s one more issue that comes up and it’s worth discussing when we’re talking about ed solutions, which is vitamin V: generic Viagra, herbal viagra, sildenafil citrate, Cialis or any of the generics out there and for most men with performance anxiety. They will very likely work for you. Should you take them to chemically boost your sexual stamina? Maybe for a lot of men taking it supplies them with the confidence they need to successfully have great sex a couple of times and then they can wear themselves off of it and eventually probably not need it. But you do need to watch it because, like anything, like any crutch, if you use it enough eventually you will never be able to have sex without it. You could also search some natural aphrodisiacs and see if they work for you.

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