Perfect Speech – Correct Stuttering – Subliminal Affirmations

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Do you want to get rid of stuttering? Do you want to speak clearly and comfortably? These subliminal affirmations use the power of your subconscious mind to transform your speech to be precise and articulate.

This is unisex and designed for both men and women. Listen to this video at least twice a day until you get your desired results. It usually takes an average of 21 days to 3 months to experience noticeable changes. Headphones are optional. Listen up to six times a day for fastest results.

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Affirmations include –
My speech is clean smooth and precise.
I am articulate with my words and can easily express them.
I am comfortable with the sound of my own voice.
Any past injuries to my throat and vocal cords now heal to perfection.
I now eliminate any stress or anxiety affecting my speech.
I now eliminate any developmental neurogenic psychogenic or genetic stuttering.
Any causes of stuttering are now corrected.
My speech is easily understandable to others.
I speak very audibly and clearly.
I speak words with correct pace and consistency.
My voice is alluring and attractive with the most optimal tone and pitch.
I speak my thoughts easily and clearly with ease.
My vocal cords are in perfect working condition.
I am perfectly in control of my speech patterns.
I eliminate social anxiety and can speak confidently and fluently when around people.
I speak with perfect poise and gracefulness.
I always know what to say in every situation and conversation and I speak and express it brilliantly.
I eliminate any anxiety about public speaking and speak articulately and smoothly to a crowd of people.
I can keep conversations going for hours.
I can easily transfer my thoughts to words with ease.
I am happy and comfortable with the sound of my own voice.
I enjoy speaking and having conversations.
I now let go of and free any emotional or mental trauma from the past that may have caused any stuttering.
The structure of my mouth tongue and jaw is now changing to properly accommodate my articulate smooth speech.
The structure of my mouth and jaw is now changing to match my attractive smooth clean clear speech.
My tongue is the perfect size and shape to accommodate my articulate attractive smooth clear speech.
I am confident in myself and my voice and my ability to speak clearly and articulately.
The nerves in my mouth and vocal cords easily send and receive signals with ease.
Any issues with the nerves in my mouth and vocal cords are now corrected.
The nerves in my mouth and vocal cords are in perfect health and condition.
My vocal cords are in perfect health and condition.
Any damage done to my vocal cords is immediately corrected and restored to their original condition.
Any breathing issues or asthma affecting my speech are now being corrected and healed.
I can speak several sentences without getting winded or out of breath.
My vocal cords throat mouth jaw structure tongue and lungs are accommodating and adapting to fulfill these affirmations.
I now fulfill and manifest these affirmations as fast as safely possible.
All beneficial and desirable changes from these affirmations are permanent.
Plus all the affirmations as “you” and “your” statements.

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