Powerful Presentations – Craig Valentine – How to Speak Better

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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How is it that the world’s top presenters seem to effortlessly keep audiences on the edge of their seats? How do they sell themselves and their message with ease? In this interactive, workshop-style seminar, you learn the secrets of messaging and persuasion that will help you breathe life into your presentations. You’ll discover how to craft your message, sell your ideas through story, eliminate common mistakes and deliver your program so that people are truly motivated to take action. Whether you give an occasional presentation or desire a full time speaking career, this program will increase your confidence and competence, as you discover new tools that work with every audience, every time.

Craig Valentine, is an award-winning speaker, author and trainer. He has shared his winning formula with tens of thousands of people in 14 countries, and regularly conducts training for major organizations such as DuPont, NASA, McDonalds and dozens of others. Craig Valentine’s formula has enabled him to become the 3-Time Salesperson of the Year for McGraw-Hill. Furthermore, he won the Toastmasters International 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking where he was #1 out of more than 25,000 contestants. In addition, he earned the Distinguished Alumni Award while receiving his MBA from John Hopkins University. Craig Valentine is the author of The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking and World Class Speaking.