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Public Speaking: Tips to Present Better As a Student

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Public Speaking and presenting in front a large group of people can be frightening and scary. Watch my video on the tips to presenting better as a Student!

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Public Speaking & Presentations

We are all familiar with this. Being assigned to a particular project, standing in front of our Class, our Teacher or the School, to deliver a particular speech or present an idea. Presenting and Public Speaking is very common especially when we go out to the world and start working.

The Normal Human Reactions

As Human Beings, it is okay to feel scared before making a Speech or going through a powerpoint presentation in front of a group of people. This is public speaking anxiety.

Our heart rate increases drastically, and it feels like it is going to jump right out any time. If our mind goes blank in the midst of our speech and we are not able to express what we have practised, it can be so embarrassing. Imagine that awkward silence you would face standing in front of everybody, so miserable. Another instance would be when we get so scared that we talk like a bullet train and no one understood what we just blabbered. Points would be deducted whether you are in School, working for your company or even trying to make a Business Pitch to find investors.

Public Speaking, presenting better, Looking good and Professional is critical if you want to have good grades, get a promotion or even to starting a business idea.

The pointers that I have provided in my Video are some tips you can use. However, if you are really serious in developing public speaking skills and how to overcome the fear of public speaking, here is a book for you. Click here.

To your Happiness & Success!

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