Presentation Remotes: 5 Fast Facts

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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Fact #1. The benefits of using a remote to control slides in presentation software are quite easy to understand. The ability to be far away from the computer can be pivotal in the success of a presentation. To a computer, they act just like very small keyboards with limited functions. The controls simply hit the same forward and backward buttons as the cursor keys on a regular keyboard.

Fact #2. Without one, presenters only have a few options. They can manually press the keys or mouse by themselves. Or they can work out a complicated system of hand signals with someone offstage who is controlling the device. In either case, this leads to large breaks, increased stage anxiety, and a generally bored audience. Especially if the speech or presentation requires timing or contains comedy. Much of the luster is lost during these empty pauses.

Fact #3. The most important aspect of delivering a great presentation is preparation. An experienced speaker will rehearse many times through in front of a mirror, pet, or loved one. This helps to prepare for difficult phrases or work out the timing of their slides.

Fact #4. Nervousness is normal, especially for first time speakers. For those with a fear of public speaking, this can manifest itself as anxiety, increased heart rate, and more. Even confident talkers might note a reaction occurring in the body. Especially for first time speakers, it is important to slow down their speech. Even to the point that might seem awkward.

Fact #5. The second greatest step a presenter can take to ensure a great speech is to eliminate speech disfluencies. False starts, repeated phrases, switched words, and filler words can make up over six percent of all speeches. While audiences are forgiving, too many of these can distract them and destroy credibility. The easiest way to fix this is to focus on only the presentation that is being given.