Presentations: Nailing Delivery Every Time

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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Presentations: Nailing Delivery Every Time

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Deliver the message you mean. Your audience will remember.

After lots of work on content and design, we all want to ace a presentation with amazing delivery. Now we can: In this 40-minute class, presentation expert Scott Schwertly provides empowering delivery advice for any business presentation. From overcoming anxiety and speaking with confidence to the 6 core ways to open and close a talk, he’ll prep you for a presentation on any topic. Online or in-person, at length or at a clip, get ready to give the best talk.

Learn by doing.

Present your slides online or in-person, and evaluate your performance against key metrics presented in the class. Use the discussion forums to discuss your experience, and consider giving a presentation multiple times to offer yourself maximum opportunities for improvement. We learn by doing.

Watch 6 video lessons.
*Present with Calm by Understanding Fear (6 minutes)
*First Impressions and the Power of Perception (9 minutes)
*Know Your Audience (8 minutes)
*Open and Close a Talk Online or In-Person (5 minutes)
*Close a Talk Online or In-Person (4 minutes)
*The TED 10 Commandments (8 minutes)

Be sure to check out Scott’s other 2 classes: Presentation Content and Storytelling and Presentation Slide Design for Non-Designers.

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