Productive, Successful YOU! – Building Productive Behaviors (part 1)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Presentation by psychologist and author, Dr. Jenny Yip, on Productive, Successful, YOU! – Building Productive Behaviors Through CBT Strategies That Conquer Procrastination, Perfectionism & Anxiety

Practical lessons from her book, Productive, Successful You!
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Procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes… No matter the reason, there’s one thing in common with all forms of procrastination: ANXIETY.

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Do you put off doing things until the very last second? Do you find certain tasks overwhelming to manage? Don’t worry—you’re not doomed to a life of chronic stress. There is a way to break that seemingly endless cycle of procrastination.

By identifying anxiety as the root of procrastinating behavior, Dr. Yip has created a personal action plan to help individuals reach their fullest potential.

With easy-to-read diagrams, charts, goal planners, and worksheets designed to increase motivation and keep you on track, Productive, Successful YOU! helps readers to finally break free from the negative thought traps that block the path to success.

Read about four real cases of people who have applied these strategies successfully, and drastically changed their approaches toward stress and procrastination.

And finally, learn how to turn anxiety into a power tool that works for you rather than against you with Dr. Yip’s detailed instructions for a procrastination-free life.