Public Speaking and Communication Skills Development Training

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


Dream2Inspire, LLC. provides public speaking training and public speaking services.

Our trainer is a professional public speaking coach, author, and award winning inspirational speaker with over five years of experience in speechwriting and communication skills training.

We help you achieve more confidence as a communicator and give you tools to develop and deliver an entertaining presentation, interview, pitch, or speech.

Dream2Inspire LLC has coached business professionals, doctors, executives, teachers, actors, aspiring speakers, and students to help improve their communication skills. We offer training for groups and individuals.

Techniques that eliminate public speaking fears
Professional delivery techniques
Effective ways to entertain and Interact with any audience

Improves your:
Communication skills
Ability to present in front of any audience

This is not an average public speaking training session. We work with you to develop a customized plan to achieve your public speaking goals. We thrive by making your training a fun experience.

Our trainer also has over sixteen years of experience as a stage performer, a singer, and recording artist. Our trainer has performed in popular night clubs in Hollywood California such as, The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Key Club, and the House of Blues. Our trainer has performed stand-up comedy and comedic improvisation.


We work with you to assess your public speaking goals and create an outline of lessons that meet your objectives. Each session is based on your specific needs. Clients seek help with various speaking projects such as key-note addresses, award acceptances, toasts, pitches, school or business presentations, interviews, workshops, and more. Many of our clients are interested in improving their speaking techniques as classroom instructors, presenters, public speaking professional, or when interviewing for a job.

The first step to having a great presentation is understanding the basics of speechwriting (understanding your audience and the difference types of presentations/speeches, researching the event, interviewing colleagues for stories, and brainstorming themes and messages). This allows the speaker to uncover details about their audience that will allow him/her to connect with them in a way that will persuade them to buy the product or agree with the viewpoint the speaker is putting forth.

We can help you develop an outline fro your presentation or speech that fits the needs of your project (this includes organizing the structure, editing the language, making suggestions for humor, improving stage presence, movement, body language, eye contact, voice modulation, projection, pausing, emphasis, pronunciation, and hand gestures).

Some Areas Of Focus
·       Effective verbal and non-verbal communication
·       Overcoming fear of public speaking anxiety
·       Speech Writing
·       Storytelling and uncovering humor
·       Entertaining and connecting with your audience
·       Impromptu speaking
·       Pitch writing and presenting for your product, service, or brand
and much more…

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