Public Speaking and Presentation Tips from a Nashville Program Analyst

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Doug Pratt tells how Dale Carnegie helped him learn how to present new ideas and gain buy-in.


I think I found the Dale Carnegie Golden Book, which led me to a list of the classes. I found a three-hour seminar that was affordable for me on “Present With More Impact”. So I took that class and the coaching was fantastic during that class and I thought,

“This is amazing. In just a three-hour period, I can go from not being really enthusiastic and not being excited, to finding that enthusiasm for whatever I apply it to.”
My name is Doug Pratt. I am what is called a “program analyst”.

Learning How to Communicate Ideas:

Right now I am helping to have software installed into several different units of our organization. Specifically, my role is to work with people who are doing training and also to help do the marketing to help people know what we are doing and why it is important for their work. Going to the classes, I learned a lot that I wasn’t expecting to learn in having a specific way to present information.

Formula to Great Presentation Skills:

When you’re presenting, you need to have earned the right to talk about something, be excited to share that with others, and be eager to share that with others as well. A lot of times in my organization, I am given information from other people, so for myself, being able to present someone else’s information is key because I have to own that and I have to know that I believe that information.

It has to be like I have created that information myself.

To see the benefit, that information has been valuable and I have been able to take what I have learned from the Dale Carnegie class and apply to that as I have moved along.