Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Flip Your Anxiety into a Positive (LMTV Epi 41)

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Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Flip Your Anxiety into a Positive (LMTV Epi 41)

Public Speaking Anxiety: How to Flip your Anxiety into a Positive
• Realize that you are Human — as a human being, whenever we’re trying to go out and give our very best for something, we get nervous. We have to realize and accept the fact that we are human and we can feel a tipsy bit of nervousness at times when we do something especially when it comes to speaking in the public or giving a speech. So, I just want to make sure I put that out there. The biggest way that you can flip that negative and turn into a positive is this:
21 days before your presentation, identify what is making you nervous about your ability to speak that maybe causing the nervousness.?
Identify and get that thought and write it down. Think of the opposite of the thought you have written down, write it down also. For the next 21 days, go back to that one thought, the opposite thought it should be, Read the Positive Thought to Yourself. You have to engrave this thought in your mind for the next 21 consecutive days before you’re giving your next presentation. Doing this will help you to flip your anxiety.

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