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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. ,public speaking anxiety.public speaking classes.public speaking to public speak,Session Four: Using Illustrations and Stories for Teaching and Impact (MP3 Audio)
– Unleash the power of illustrations, metaphors and stories. They are SO easy to use and I will show
you how to find them quickly and easily. I’ll show you how to use them so your listeners are eating
out of the palm of your hand.

Session Five: Unleash the Power of Words (MP3 Audio)
– Discover how words are a powerful form of communication that has the ability to effect people
so they feel the way you want them to. Use words to persuade and move your listener emotionally.
I’ll show you my secret for finding POWER words you can use in literally seconds!

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Part Two: Speaking Techniques (6 Complete Step-by-Step Sessions)

Session Six: How to Develop Voice Quality (Breathing and Airflow)
(MP3 Audio)
– You’ll discover about the power of Congruent Communication. It’s vital that you produce the
right sound when you speak because how you sound to your audience influences their
perception of you and your message.

Session Seven: How to Speak with Feeling, Influence and Clarity (MP3 Audio)
-This lesson will be about the mechanics of effective speech. Discover how to easily add life
and juice to your presentation that will stir emotion and motivate your listeners to action.
I’ll teach you my 3-Step Secret to making your presentation sound more powerful and influential.

Session Eight: Using Gestures for Visual and Emotional Impact (Quicktime Video)
– In this video you’ll learn what gestures you MUST avoid so as not to offend your listeners.
How you can develop natural looking gestures that is appropriate to your material.

Session Nine: Repetition for Impact – The Powerful Formula of Three
(MP3 Audio)
– How you can use repetition correctly so your listeners remember you long after the presentation is over. Discover the powerful formula of three. Use it otherwise they won’t remember your speech!

Session Ten: How to Speak Extemporaneously – with Little of no Notes
(MP3 Audio)
The Secrets to presenting like a pro! A simple trick to recall ideas rather than words so you
will motivate your audience. You’ll learn how to become much more flexible and think
on your feet.

Session Eleven: Practice Makes Confident – How to Practice Your
Talk for Maximum Impact
– Discover how most presenters practice sessions are completely wrong and how they
set themselves up for forgetting their material. I’ll share with you a time saving tool so you can
practice on the run.