Public Speaking Anxiety Relief – Isochronic Tones

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Download MP3:

Note: Headphones are required for this track – see info below

This track is designed to help alleviate anxiety before public speaking, taking an exam or a performance of some kind. It does this in 2 ways:

1. It targets Alpha to relieve anxiety.

2. It also stimulates each ear with different Beta frequencies. A higher frequency is sent into your right ear, to correct a hemispheric imbalance, which commonly occurs before an anxiety producing event. Because of the frequency difference in each ear, you will need to use headphones to get the full benefit.

A total of 5 alternative background sounds available on MP3, via my site link above: Metal Crystal Bowls, Rain, Rain With Wind Chimes, Tranquil Ambience, Whale Sounds.

NOTE: It is not recommended to listen to this while driving, operating machinery, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Who Should NOT listen to this audio?

Those who should not listen to this video/audio include: Those who are prone to or have had seizures, epilepsy, pregnant or wear a pacemaker should NOT listen to this video/audio.

WHY? There is currently insufficient research data in this area, so as a precaution, if you are among the categories listed above, I would recommend you consult a doctor or medical professional before listening to this video/audio.

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