Public Speaking Fear – The Truth

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If you think that you are alone in your public speaking fears, get ready to be disillusioned. It has been confirmed by several surveys that the fear of speaking in public ranks very high among the most common universal fears. In fact it is the number one fear of people in several parts of the world. You are in good company after all!

Like the fear of death, fear of speaking in public has no barriers of race, region or religion. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be comparing the fear of death to fear of speaking, because fear of death ranks only second. This can be interpreted to mean that given the choice, one will rather choose death over a public speaking task!

The realization that you are not alone in suffering from the fear of speaking in public and that you have the backing of the whole world should be comforting! After all, you are not alone, afraid even to disclose your fears.

As you are feeling comfortable and relaxed, I can enhance your feeling of relaxation with another axiom. If you are relaxed, it means that you are free from any anxiety and fear. Relaxation is the antithesis of fear, because fear and relaxation cannot exist at the same time. This means that you have already begun to rid yourself of the fear of speaking in public! You may protest saying that you are not in a situation of public speaking now. Very True. What is also true is that there is nothing like a ‘public speaking situation!’ If you are capable of speaking to one person without any fear (exclude your boss for the present! We will rope him/her in later!!), you can speak to 10000 people. In fact, speaking to 10000 people has an advantage over speaking to one person. One obvious advantage is that none of them is going to talk back to you! Focusing on this one advantage alone can help drive out your public speaking fears

Public Speaking Fears can be overcome only by practicing but it will take some time.

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