remove fear of public speaking using simple nlp techniques

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This course ” Remove Fear Of Public Speaking Using Simple NLP Techniques ” helps you to remove your public speaking fear and overcome stage fear instantly. It makes you feel more confident and reduce any kind of fear or anxiety before an important meeting,presentation, social gathering,speech etc. Using the techniques taught in this course you will become a more confident and powerful speaker and remove any kind of fear , anxiety or nervousness . Past memories of failure can also be forgotten using the simple techniques taught in this course. This course includes- Introduction Learn the basics of the course on how to remove your fear of public speaking using simple and powerful NLP techniques Lecture 1: Introduction To The Course Section 2: Remove Fear Of Public Speaking Using Simple NLP Techniques Learn the techniques to remove fear of public speaking using NLP techniques which are simple yet powerful and can be easily used to overcome stage fear and speaking in public Lecture 2: Why Public Speaking Is So Important Lecture 3: Self Hypnosis Technique For Instant Relaxation Lecture 4: Anchoring Technique To Overcome Public Speaking Fear Lecture 5: Mind Trigger Techniques To Remove Public Speaking Fear Lecture 6: Circle Of Excellence Technique Lecture 7:Bonus Technique To Overcome Fear And Anxiety Section 3: Summary Of The Course Summarizes the entire course and the techniques Lecture 8: Summary Of The Course

Who is the target audience?

This course is for everyone who have fear of speaking on the stage in front an audience.

This course is for those working professionals who want to remove their fear of speaking in meetings or during presentations etc.

Age Group 16 and above