Selena Gomez confront a fan at NRJ radio station in Paris !

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Selena Gomez was so nice to the fans who were there to cheer her up for her promotional Revival Tour at NRJ radio station in Paris. She gave a selfie to pretty much everyone except one fan who she had a problem with via social media. She gave her the bad look at some point and had a little explanation at the end….

One of the fans allegedly got her hands on Selena’s sunglasses from her stylist or dressing room and went on twitter to say she would not give them back until she got tickets, Selena responded that it was very rude and disgusting of the girl.
So in the video the same girl gave Selena her glasses back, trying to make up some lame excuse on why she took them, and Selena wasn’t having it ( Thanks to the real fans for the explanation )

Paris, France. 28th September 2015
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