Showing 2 PowerPoint Presentations side-by-side

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

See how to show 2 PowerPoint presentations side-by-side in slide show mode, either on a single screen or split monitors.

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How To View Two PowerPoint Presentations At The Same Time

PowerPoint Slideshow Trick (show two presentations at the same time in Presentation Mode):

In this Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial, you’ll learn how to launch two (or more) presentations as a slideshow at the same time in re-sizable windows. And this slideshow trick can be handy can be handy when you need to:

a) Present multiple language versions of a PowerPoint Presentation in presentation mode on a single screen for multiple audiences

b) Compare two or more presentations side-by-side in presentation mode on a single screen or on multiple monitors

c) Review a PowerPoint presentation on half of your screen in presentation mode while you use the other half to type notes

Although you can snap two PowerPoint presentations side-by-side in the normal view, being able to see your presentation in full screen presentation mode, can often be much easier to work and allows you to double check your hyperlinks.

Keep in mind that when presenting multiple PowerPoint presentations in presentation mode at the same time, all of the presentations need to be advanced manually as you are running each as an individual PowerPoint slide show.

Shortcuts covered in this PowerPoint tutorial:
F5 to start a PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode from the first PowerPoint slide in your deck
SHIFT + F5 to start a PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode from the current slide.


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