Simple Tips on How to Overcome Stage Fright

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Many people have a fear of public speaking or what is also known as stage fright. There are several ways to overcome this fear and allow you to walk on stage with the confidence of the seasoned professional. Begin reviewing the performance skills you have learned and practiced. Go over in your mind how you will walk out on stage and give your speech or sing your song or act out your lines without being nervous just as you have practiced for weeks maybe months leading up to this day. Be sure to prepare all of your work thoroughly knowing what your job is whether it is giving a presentation or singing a song will greatly reduce your anxiety. Double check that you have all the correct copies of music if you are giving a musical performance or slides or run through your PowerPoint presentation to make sure everything is in order and working well. The more control you have over what you are about to do the less anxiety will experience. Of course there are directors who direct a play and conductors who conduct musical performances and they will be in charge however you can check out the concert space or stage before hand to become familiar with where you will be sitting or standing in order to feel more comfortable with your surroundings. Relax and try to avoid being distracted or rushed on the day of the performance. Practice relaxation skills like yoga or tai chi which helps the flow of energy. Use deep cleansing breaths to calm your body and your nerves. Think of yourself as the medium or vehicle for which the playwright or composer intentions and spirit will flow. Be eager and generous to share your talents and gifts of song or acting and make your performance a celebration not a trial. Some other tips to remember is that the audience is there for the information such as the speech or the play or the music and you are just the way in which they will receive it. Do not take it personally that people are not there to see you they are there to be entertained or informed. But the pressure on the information and not on yourself try not to be too selfconscious relax and have fun. Another tactic is to put up the fourth wall. In films and stage plays breaking the fourth wall is when an actor talks directly to the camera or audience. When someone with stage fright or fear its fourth wall often pretends that the audience is not there they may perform better. Imagining you are still in dress rehearsals and there are only a few people in the audience versus every seat filled will also help you overcome stage fright. Remember the reason you are up on stage whether it is to share information through a public speech singing engagement or acting for a play you were there because you want to be there and this is a celebration of your talents that you are able to share with a group of people made up of friends family and strangers. The best advice is to go out and enjoy yourself.