Social Anxiety Support (WATCH THIS) + Fear of Talking

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Overcoming Social Anxiety (WATCH THIS) + Help With Social Anxiety

In this video I talk about my story, how I cured social anxiety and cured social phobia. For years I studied a lot of psychology and tried many different techniques. What I discovered along way to overcoming social anxiety is that there are few powerful techniques and methods that can make a big difference. With these techniques, I overcame my shyness and social anxiety. I discuss these methods in my videos. Before any technique, perhaps the most important things is to remember this: shyness and social anxiety can be overcome. Always remember that there are many ways to overcome shyness, social anxiety, social phobia, fear of talking, love shyness, or fear around people. This was an important belief for me because, without it, I wouldn’t have been dedicated to trying different techniques until I found a social anxiety disorder cure. This belief carried me through trying what worked and what didn’t. Since I no longer have social anxiety, I teach others how to overcome it. One of the most effective techniques in managing anxiety, or in learning how to beat shyness, fear around people, is to improve social skills. With improved social skills you feel more confident around others. It is much easier to go talk to people and, all of a sudden, you’ve learned how to conquer shyness. You also learn how to deal with social anxiety. In dealing with social anxiety, you learn how to get over social anxiety. Not many people talk about this. It is one of the most overlooked ways to overcome social anxiety. It should be noted that with severe social anxiety, it is useful to see a therapist and overcome social anxiety step by step. But for a lot of people this isn’t necessary. They want to get rid of shyness, overcome social anxiety dating, or get rid of social anxiety around people. These you can learn. You can learn how to get over shyness, get over fear of talking to people, fear to talk to people, fear of talking on the phone, and fear of speaking on the phone. Along the way it can be helpful to look at the causes of shyness and anxiety around people. It helps in getting over shyness and social anxiety

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