Social Media and Anxiety: English 1010

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In this video I perform a presentation of information and conclusions I gathered while writing a research paper for an English 1010 course. I wrote my paper on social media and how that is affecting teenagers’ anxiety levels. I briefly explained that anxiety, namely social anxiety, is more than shyness. It is an intense fear of certain situations that can be anxiety inducing. This can be a problem because those suffering then avoid situations where most people get experience on connections and learning experiences. This leads down a path that will leave those affected “underdeveloped”. The side that says that social media is the primary factor in anxiety rates say that a big problem is comparison of the worst part of ourselves to the best side of others. The other side said that there are so many factors that play into the situation, some include; drugs, alcohol, helicopter parenting, lack of parenting, divorce rates, abuse, other mental situations, and many more. This goes to show that it is impossible to create a fully accurate study because you cannot account for all the possible variables. I found that social media use cannot be directly linked to anxiety and should not be the assumed reason for rising anxiety rates in teenagers. My reasoning behind this is that many other factors can play into the development of anxiety. One big factor I believe plays into it, is the amount of helicopter parents there are out there. There are so many more helicopter parents out there than there has ever been. This is probably due to the generation they grew up and the kind of parenting they received. Thank you for watching!