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We’ve all felt the sensation. Our palms sweat, our hearts race, our hands shake, and our voices tremble. It’s stage frightan anxiety over an upcoming performance. It can happen in nearly any context, whether it’s acting, public speaking, singing, or sports, and it can happen to anyone. A University of Florida study reports that the most commonly reported fear, even more than death or airplane crashes, was public’s understandably scary. Engaging in an act of public performance involves submitting to the judgment of others. Athletes in big games know, regardless of what they think about their individual capabilities or performance, that they will be judged based on the measurable outcomes they produce on the field. Every actor understands that the merits of their performance will be evaluated by the reaction they produce in their audience. Every speaker knows that the success of their speech will be measured by their listeners’ reactions. That radical surrender of control over valuation ought to be and is scary. If it didn’t concern those performers, they wouldn’t take their performances seriously enough to be good at them. Anxiety over performance is the natural result of caring about an activity being judged by others.this report will aim to offer concrete solutions to the problems of performance anxiety, an entirely natural response to the stress of public performance that most people experience in some way. When you encounter those feelings, you have a choice. You can use it as a reason to give up, and decide that since you don’t feel good, you don’t ever want to try to get better. Your other option is to use the energy of that anxiety to become a more effective performer. Make no mistakeperformance anxiety will never go away. What changes is your reaction to that anxiety.this book will be your guide in coming to a better understanding and being able to deal with performance anxiety in all of its forms. The approach it will use is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy. The first step to overcoming performance anxiety is to understand it. The first half of the book will look at what makes up performance anxiety by examining its definitions, components, types, symptoms, causes, and psychological effects. Once performance anxiety is better understood, strategies to manage it, including behavior modification, homeopathic remedies, and psychopharmaceuticals can be considered and discussed with a medical professional