Steve Harvey Motivational Talk on Stress YouTube

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

The way how God sees stress. During his Life Steve makes many mistakes himself. He cheated lied and was flinged out of school. His mother was a gentle woman, but Steve fight hard back in his life and knows how to survive on the street without becoming discouraged or cynical about life but be aware about with what kind of people he is dealing with. Much dirt have been throwing at him, but he uses his gifts in life worked hard on it and know how to deal with stress. give thanks to his mother who was a Sunday school teacher and her son gets blessed now. Learn not to refuses stress but how to ride on the wave of stress and the haters who always try to destroy you. But it will make you harder and you o not let the stress gets into you but steady paced marching to your goals accepting good stress is part of your life to success.
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