Stop Blaming Others Mantra Of Success (Hindi) दोषी कौन -by Dr. Deepak Kelkar

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You want to be successful and happy in life, then a very important step is taking complete charge of your life. In this Success Training Video, my focus is on why and how you are responsible for your life.

Success Mantra: When you do not take responsibility of your life, you feel other factors or people are responsible for your life. So you do not take any actions or find solutions. But once you become responsible for your life, you try to find out the success mantra or success formula, which can help you to inspire yourself and march towards success.

Better Learning Skills: When you make yourself responsible for success, you are able to realize your mistakes. When you realize your mistakes, you are able to find learn from failures and problems. In this Success motivational video, you will able to realize how you analyze yourself and improve.

Success Habit: When you start shifting your mindset from ‘finding excuses’ habit to ‘no excuses’ habit. You are able to condition your mindset of not making excuses. You do not make excuses for failures and take complete ownership of your life.

Live in Present: We generally have a habit of blaming past incidents, we blame past for our present. When we take complete responsibility of our life, we start living in present and build a successful future for our self.

Ownership of Life: When you make other people responsible, you also give them the power to change your life. Because power and responsibility go together. When you think you are responsible, you feel the power of your life in your hands. In this Success Motivational Video, you will be able to understand how you can work on your fears like public speaking fear, English speaking fear, job fear etc.

Positive Thinking Attitude: When we don’t take responsibility of our life, we feel stressed, depressed, frustrated because we think we can do nothing about it. When we blame others, we feel angry about it, we feel helpless about ourselves.
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