TAP 099 – Jason Connell on Giving Up Alcohol For a Year

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Summary: In this episode I speak to Jason Connell about his year of sobriety.  We talk about why he decided to take a break from drinking and how people responded to it.  Links: Jasons article on sobriety: http://jasonconnell.co/sobriety/ In this particular episode you will learn: – How Jason was a child magician and learnt a valuable skill to overcoming anxiety – How the pressure of performing in terms of public speaking built up for Jason to the extent where he decided it wasn’t for him – Shifting mindset to what is possible instead of what could go wrong – How Jason set out to take a year off of drinking – What happened when he took a month off of drinking each year – Why everyone should take 30 days off a year – How stopping drinking pushes buttons in other people – Some tips to consider when embarking on a 30 day drinking break