Tasam – Tackling Anxiety & Stress through Arts and Mindfulness

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Using our creative arts approach to education, Arts Express has developed the T.A.S.A.M. Program, to provide children and their parents with lifelong strategies and techniques to cope with anxiety and stress, helping them effectively eliminate the stigma and discomfort of these issues for years to come.

During the school day, students experience one or more of the following ~ a storytelling performance on the topic of mindfulness and a visual arts class, all focusing on helping students to use the creative arts to develop a tool box to use in every day situations when they encounter stress or anxiety.

Parents can then join us in the evening for a presentation by Child and Youth Counsellor and mental health advocate Jennifer Kay to discuss childhood anxiety, parental intervention and how to help your child develop the tools needed for a lifetime of wellness. Childcare will be provided. The animated movie, Inside Out, will be shown while parents are at the presentation.

The topics addressed by this program will include:

~ Identifying the seriousness of your child’s anxiety and stress levels

~ Tools to use to help alleviate minor everyday anxieties and stress

~ Kid-friendly approach to developing useful strategies

~ Leading by example

~ The importance of exercise

~ Communicating with your anxious child without frustration

~ Developing a safe structure within the home environment

~ Knowing when to seek professional help

For more information and to find out how to contact us go to www.ArtsExpress.ca

Danelle McManus
Executive Director
Arts Express