TdotPickup Presents Improved Speech and Anxiety Reduction Exercises

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Learn to get CERTAINTY that you will be OKAY in your LOVE LIFE. If you are able to approach girls and not have regrets, even if you say, approach all 100 girls you see in a year(trust me you will see more) … don’t you think even if you got rejected by all 100 you’d feel better than being a chicken and approaching NONE?
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We have helped tons of shy guys, including some with social anxiety, and selective social anxiety, when it comes to women.
If you are looking to do social freedom exercises like hi-5’s to strangers, or maybe you notice you are at a comedy show and you can’t even tell them it’s your birthday because you are scared…

We can help you grow your confidence and become a TRUE ALPHA MALE. Men are supposed to be tough are they not?
Learn to be the socially tough, adaptive, clever, crafty, personality.
Want to be as EPIC as the characters on your favourite TV Shows? Start with growing your confidence!

Benefits for you:
-Extremely confident instructor with LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of APPROACHES and BALLSY, TOUGH, COURAGEOUS actions!
-15 hours of coaching for 0 special promotion, regular prices will be going up to 0 shortly.
-You will gain a NOTICEABLE difference in your confidence
-You will become a better public speaker and overcome your LIMITING BELIEFS, aka Achilles’ heel
-Free YouTube content, theory, encouragement, etc
-Our instructors are well-rounded and offer a HOLISTIC approach
-We have worked with ALL kinds of students, ranging from young as teenagers, to old as 40s+
-Courses Start Every Week
-Private lessons 1 on 1
Don’t HESITATE to call to learn more!

Coaching classes are located at Downtown Toronto


-Improve your speech
-Reduce Anxiety
Toronto’s #1 Dating Coach Mr. EJ and “Being a Natural” .
MR. EJ is a Dating consultant who offers both relationship advice, and confidence coaching particularly for shy guys or guys who need to build momentum and realizing that approaching women on the subway, bus, etc, is fine!
Toronto love doctor.

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