The Five Biotypes of Depression and Advanced Nutrient Therapies with William Walsh, PhD

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Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that enable us to think and act. They have a dominant impact on mood, focus, concentration, anxiety, obsessions and mental well-being.

Dr. William Walsh will present his findings about neurotransmitters that indicate that depression is an umbrella term for five distinct biotypes, or categories, of depression. Three of these types are not caused by fluctuating serotonin.

In his research, Dr. Walsh studied more than 2,800 patients, analyzing more than 250,000 blood chemistries and 300,000 medical history factors.

Dr. Walsh will give a detailed explanation of each biotype, and discuss the health factors and issues that accompany the different types. Additionally, he will address the specific nutrients that impact the synthesis of neurotransmitters, and the tests needed for diagnosis. For many individuals, this could eliminate or reduce the need for drug therapies, and achieve wellness without side effects. About Dr. Walsh.