The Power Of Habit In Anxiety Disorder – ANXIETY RECOVERY PART 2

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The Habit Loop in anxiety disorder.

Ask yourself, what are the habits you’re doing daily to keep your condition strong? These can be things like: worrying, constantly thinking, talking or researching about the condition (when you already know what it is), worst-case-scenario ‘what if’ thinking, checking-inwards/monitoring your body/symptoms intensely.

Once you’ve figured out your habits, start replacing your behaviours by containing your stress/fear response with short simple rational reminders (I already discussed this step in my reassurance vid). Become disinterested in your symptoms as they are NOT dangerous, just annoying. Realise that you can stay where you are, keep doing what you’re doing and just let it happen. Truly accept whatever happens without looking over your shoulder and doubting your recovery. The less you care about the symptoms, they will eventually start lowering and someday disappear for good, once you’re no longer hyperstimulated.

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