The role the brain plays in pain, The Mind Body Syndrome

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Welcome to the Mind Body Syndrome/Tension Myositis Syndrome Educational program developed by Howard Schubiner, MD ( Dr. Schubiner’s email is
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It hurts. Your pain is awful, and you can’t get rid of it.

You went to your doctor and he told you that you had a medical condition. The diagnosis was back or neck pain presumably due to arthritis, a bulging disk or spinal stenosis. Or the diagnosis was tension headaches or migraine headaches. Or fibromyalgia or whiplash or chronic tendonitis. Or it might have been stomach pains or pelvic pains with diagnoses of irritable bowel syndrome or interstitial cystitis. Your doctor prescribed drugs. You took them and they didn’t really help. Maybe you even had surgery, but that didn’t help either.

So you decided to explore alternative medicine. Maybe you took herbal remedies, vitamins or saw a chiropractor. You’re considering acupuncture, hypnosis, even crystals.

But still the pain is there. You get the impression that your doctor doesn’t really know how to help you or understand you. Maybe your doctor referred you to a psychiatrist or psychologist, suggesting that your pain isn’t real, that it’s all in your head.

But you’re not imagining or making up the pain. The pain is in your body and it is real. It’s real. But the problem is your diagnosis. If your diagnosis is wrong, you can’t get better.

You may not have a serious disease. But you do have a medical condition. And you’re not crazy. In fact, you’re not much different from most people.

Here’s the real problem: Your body is producing pain because it’s manifesting unresolved stress, possibly from your childhood, or from stressful events in your adulthood, or from your present circumstances, and as a result of your personality traits (which affects how you respond to stress and how much pressure you tend to put upon yourself).

Your mind has twisted your body into pain as a way to avoid some of the emotions that are inside you. If you haven’t been helped by traditional or alternative medical care, the diagnosis may be the Mind Body Syndrome and most people have some form of it.

But you don’t have to live the rest of your life with this pain. In fact, if you begin to understand this syndrome and recognize what causes it, you’ve taken a powerful first step.

And the rest of the steps, though they require wholehearted commitment, are not difficult.

You may be able to rid yourself of the pain, without drugs, without medical treatments (either conventional or alternative), without psychotherapy. Results may occur within 3-4 weeks, even though you may have been suffering for months or years. You don’t have to go back and figure out all your unresolved emotional issues either.

You can break the connection between your mind and your physical pain. And you can start to use your mental energy to overcome your pain and rebuild your life.

I know this is true, because I have done it myself. I’ve changed my understanding of the source of my pain and now I can prevent my body from producing pain due to the stresses of everyday life. More importantly, I’ve seen it happen in hundreds of patients. This website will help you determine if you have the Mind Body Syndrome and how to cure yourself.