Tips on Public Speaking – Coping with Anxiety

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Tips on Public Speaking – learn tricks to cope with anxiety.

Ever Just Felt Like You’re a Walking Puke Fest?

… Maybe not a “Puke Fest”, but have you ever felt fear when even being told that you will speaking in front of a group of people. I mean large group, small group, one person or even just a phone call?

It may not be as extreme for some, but if you are anything like me, this is a truly a nerve wrecking experience.

For some reason I can speak in front of children easy peasy. When teaching elementary school… I was just fine.

Children’s Church… NO PROBLEM at all!

But throw me in front of other adults??

Here comes the bubble guts. (I’m literally laughing out loud right now).

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