Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Alpha Wave 14 Hz [Powerful, Relaxed, Confident]

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Unstoppable Self-Confidence – Alpha wave 14 Hz| This
powerful binaural beat creates a sense of calming energy, your anxiety and depression reduce so the real you can shine through.

WARNING: Never listen while driving or operating machinery, binaural beats are powerful and can put you under deep relaxation. For safety this tool should only be used during sessions like those stated below.

Best used for:
– Dates
– Interviews
– School
– Work
– Social Events

Alpha Waves 14Hz Induce:
– Self Confidence
– Reduced Social Anxiety
– Decreased Depression
– Social Boost
– Mood Boost

In an alpha state the mind is awake, calm, relaxed and focused on the inner ‘self’ – perfect state for tempering the symptoms associated with being unconfident and anxious. It has been well-documented that Zen-trained meditation masters produce noticeably more alpha waves during meditation, and so it makes sense that we want the brain to produce alpha waves when we are trying to remain calm and confident; thus the expression “cool like a Zen monk”.

A similar mind state can also be achieved by generating theta waves, but alpha waves are slightly better suited to boosting confidence because the mind is less “zoned out” and more “zoned in”, so to speak.
For example, you could listen to an alpha recording right up until the moment before public speaking, but with a theta recording you might be a little too “inner focused” and struggle to put the right energy across. At BBM we generally reserve theta for meditation (low) and deep concentration and focus (high).

It isn’t just Zen monks making use of their alpha waves, though. Psychologists are now starting to use frequency response treatment using alpha waves to help people overcome phobias, calm down hyperactive children, and help children with stuttering problems to relax enough to practice regular speech.