Voice Projection: Help! My voice is trembling!

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Do you have a trembling voice when you stand in front of a group and speak? I’m working with 2 clients whose voice just seemed out of control when they are nervous.
Do you face the same situation?

Hi, this is Cynthia, your voice coach. In this video, you are going to learn a quick technique that will put your voice back under control when you are nervous.

If you suffer from a trembling voice, the chances are high that you are projecting your voice solely relying on your throat and voice box, which are not strong enough to take the high pressure as stage fright. To solve this problem, you have to shift your voice placement to the stronger part of your body, i.e. the center of your body. In Chinese culture, it is called Dan Tien. From a practical point of view, you need to engage your diaphragm in your voice projection. It works as one of the two keys to shifting your voice placement, breathing and resonance.

Here’s a quick technique to get you started with. The next time before you walk onto the stage, take a slow and long breath through your mouth, hold the breath for a while and then slowly breathe out. Let me demonstrate. Repeat the process for a few times. This will help you calm your nerves and prepare you for a more composed voice.

Projecting your voice with the support of your diaphragm is not an instant process. It takes 2-6 months to get used to the process and see greater improvement in managing your trembling voice. Some of my clients thought once they’ve learned one or two techniques on how to use the diaphragm to breathe properly, everything will happen by itself. That’s not the reality.

Dedicate yourself for the practice on a daily basis. You’ll thank yourself in the future.

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