Why Public Speaking Never Gets Any Easier…

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Got a great question from a user on SAS about public speaking. Have you ever felt that public speaking never gets any easier? I have felt the same way. No matter how many times you speak in front of medium to large sized audiences, you may find that you get equally nervous regardless of how many times you have done this same thing in the past.

My experience has taught me that the reason for this is because you are still afraid of what causes you anxiety. You may still be afraid of saying something stupid, making mistakes, getting humiliated etc. so know matter how many times you speak in public and avoid any one of those things from happening, that doesn’t mean you are not afraid of them anymore. Practicing public speaking may give you a confidence boost in believing that your “worst case scenario” will not happen, but that doesn’t mean you are not afraid of the worst case scenario. The moment where you are not afraid of the worst case scenario is the moment where you realize there is no purpose for the fear and anxiety.

As long as you constantly expose yourself to public speaking yet don’t face the underlying anxiety, this anxiety will trigger you time and time again. You may feel less anxiety because you believe “what I am afraid of will PROBABLY not happen.” When you are ready to say that you are NOT afraid of looking stupid, making mistakes, being humiliated, etc., then that is where you will find lasting relief that carries over into all future public speaking events.

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