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In my opinion and experience there are two kinds of perfectionism: one kind of perfectionism is the kind in which one is never satisfied with what is created, and the other kind is a blocked kind of perfectionism in which the perfectionist cannot even begin the task. This video talks specifically about the blocked kind of perfectionism and how to overcome it. The reflections are based on my own personal life experience.

My own theory for this blocked kind of perfectionism is that in people who experience it, the left side of the brain is dominant or imbalanced. Such a person is precise, clever and highly detailed when it comes to using language. However, the problem is that this side of the brain is in some way cut off from the initiative and spontaneous right side of the brain. This is possibly due to an imbalance between the hemispheres of the brain or because there are too few connections between the right and left sides of the brain.

When the blocked feeling occurs in a person it means that they are not good at using language in spontaneous ways without being prepared. It can also mean that it takes them a really long time even just to begin writing or to express their thoughts on paper.

I personally found that spontaneous writing and speech practice helped me to reduce the blocked feeling I used to get. The rest of the video gives an example writing exercise for you to do regularly, if you want to work towards overcoming writing perfectionism issues.

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