Public Speaking Cartoon – Military Uses PowerPoint

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

PowerPoint can kill your talk – and your audience – not enhance it! Use with caution! If using PowerPoint – you rehearsal should be 3 times as long. and PRACTICE with the equipment you are using when delivering the talk if possible.

Linnaea shares her experience and knowledge about mastering public speaker on She believes mastering that #1 fear increases one’s confidence, esteem and success to new heights not experienced before.

Linnaea Mallette is a professional speaker, trainer and author. This channel houses videos related to her four passions: Hearing Loss, Public Speaking, Overcoming Adversity and Cats.

Read My Lips Tips for Success is a success system developed by Linnaea that enabled her to overcome adversity – including her physical disability — a profound hearing loss. Linnaea has authored a book by the same title which provides 23 tips for dealing with adversity and embracing successes. For 18 months she hosted her own radio show – interviewing guests from all walks of life who have faced and overcome some sort of adversity. Her guests’ challenges include child abuse, dyslexia, suicide, depression, preventing identity theft, overcoming fear of public speaking, grief, Parkinson’s disease, and SO much more. The blog is:

Linnaea educates in an entertaining fashion about hearing loss – for those who have it and those who do not. Her blog is:

Linnaea also loves cats. As her book instructs, finding what brings you joy and focusing on it is critical to creating a life you love to live. To that end, she employs her talents in creating cat images and videos, and teaches others how to do the same at

Linnaea is a Distinguished Past District Governor for Toastmasters International and currently the President of the District 52 Golden Gavel club and the Chairman of the District 52 Speakers Bureau.