005 Fall in Love with Presenting: Comfort is overrated

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Nothing presses people’s buttons like having to stand up and do a presentation!

It’s a nightmare to do it if you’re nervous and/or simply don’t know how to do it well, and let’s face it, there’s a lot to be nervous about, like how to:

– structure your presentation
– best prepare
– remember all your lines
– make it interesting for your audience
– keep to time


Then there are all the worry about what to do when you…

– go blank and forget your words
– get a question you can”t answer
– look like a bumbling idiot

and more.

There are 2 main reasons why people are afraid of public speaking and presenting.

1. They have an unresolved phobia.


2. They don’t know exactly what to do or say, or how to do it


The first thing to know is that you cannot talk yourself out of a phobia, nor will it help you relax to imagine the audience naked, or do the other non-sense ‘tips’ out there.

Your phobia is caused by your limbic brain and that’s where you need to go resolve it.


Just like anything else in life, it’s hard to feel confident in something if you really have no idea how to do something.

It gets even more problematic when you’ve had a bad experience doing that thing before, right?


So if you imagine having a step-by-step, specific model of EXACTLY how to structure your presentation and how to deliver it in a way that your audience (and you enjoy!), how would that change things?

I’m not saying this will necessarily happen overnight. It probably took you a few times falling of a bicycle before you got the hang of it, right?

When you address both causes of your fear of public speaking and presenting, you overcome it, absolutely, and that’s what the ‘Fall in Love with Presenting’ Course does.

Here you can watch the first 97 minutes of an actual, live #FILWP course to give you an idea of how it all hangs together, how I present it, and how it might help you.

You can also download the entire workshop and latest course workbook and find a lot of free resources on the website


Please write to me if you have any specific questions about anything presenting-related, and I’ll help as best I can.

Best wishes and here’s to happy presenting!