07 different meanings of ‘GET’ – Free English Speaking Lessons to Improve your Communication Skills

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07 different meanings of ‘GET’ – Free English Speaking Lessons to Improve your Communication Skills

Have you ever thought that the simple but interesting word GET could be used in many different ways? Welcome to another English speaking lesson to improve your English communication skills. In this Spoken English lesson, you would learn some cool English phrases and expressions with the word GET. The English language is always expanding and filled with surprises, this English lesson with Michelle is a good example to understand the different meanings of the word GET. This spoken English lesson is brought to you by Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute Mumbai, where you learn English online for free. Watch our library of more than 1200 free English lessons and improve your English communication skills.

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07 different meanings of ‘GET’ – Improve your Communication Skills

Get Real – To be realistic ( used with someone who is imaginative)
Example – Get real, you need to be at least 5 feet and six inches tall to be a model

Get a life! – To be buzzing or to do something exciting ( It’s a strong statement and a bit rude)
Example – Come on, Get a life, you can’t be cleaning the house on a Saturday night.

Get Lost!- To ask someone to go away ( A rude statement)
Example – Anna asked him to get lost after he turned late for the date.

Get a move on! – To hurry up
Example – Peter please move on we don’t have the whole day to clean the house.

Get to the point – To be specific
Example – We had enough conversation about the product details, now let’s get to the point.

Get with it – To ask someone to correct their attitude
Example – Who says girls can’t go partying late night, get with it.

Get the lead out – To ask someone to hurry up in an irritated way ( Strong statement)
Example – Mike gets the lead out and show us what you have.